DEGREE SHOW: The Niveous Deer

I began to draw the final drawings, I plan to do 30, and a book cover. First are the drafts, and then I drew the line works. I have 5 chapters of the story, for each chapter has 6 images. I tried my best to tell the story by images because I want the audience can understand the story through my drawings. Finally, I finished the 30 images, almost 2 days for 1 drawing, used digital drawing, photoshop, and next step I need to add script inside the book and think about the layout. Below is the drawing for the book cover, and also for the poster. The Story: Prequel 1. A long time ago, there was a little kingdom, the kingdom was peaceful and harmonious, and it was administrated by a young prince. 2. However, after years and years, the prince witnessed so many births, senilities, illnesses and deaths, that in his opinion, were so very painful. 3. The prince was terrified of death. In order to avoid it, he decided to leave his kingdom a

DEGREE SHOW: Cave Paintings Research

Cave Paintings Around The World: My basic plan for IPS is making a book because I’m always interested in storytelling, narrative, especially the old tales like mythologies, etc. I looked through all the stories, tales all over the world, in China, Egypt, Greece, etc. Of course, I have the deepest feeling of Chinese tales. ​ There're lots of animations I saw on TV when I was a child. One of the most impressive animations is 'The deer of nine colours'. It's adapted from the Chinese ancient stories. Th original story was recorded in the cave painting in Dunhuang. So, first, I started to do the research about cave paintings all around the world. In my dissertation, I mainly discussed 3 cases of ancient cave paintings from France, America and China. Dunhuang Cave Paintings: The paintings portrayed social life scenes and appearance