PROJECT: Fiction

The first project we did in our 2nd year, was 'Fiction', the 'core' work has already begun during the summer, each of us chose a book from the list the tutor provided, my choice was 'Aesop Fables', cause I always interested in the fable stories.

So,  I started to draw related to the theme. 


I've drawn many characters from the whole book.(animals)


The scene part, I drew the lines first, then scanned these to the computer, coloured them in Photoshop, finally printed them out on tracing paper.

I had a trip in Shanxi(a province in China)during the summer, I did some observation drawing on the trip, these might be useful for the project.

Except for the flowers, other pros, like water, stones, fire, etc.

I drew them in a quite random way. I did the watercolour drawing first, then had lines on it. I used the Photoshop to select the lines session, to see the different visual effect of lines on different images.

Play with watercolour.

The Research Session.
My chosen book was 'Aesop Fables'. I was always interested in the fables.
At the first step, I began to search all the information about Aesop, every aspect, the introduction of the author, and the book as well.

First of all, I did some research about Aesop.
I found some interesting images related to the fables.
Then, I searched the detail information about Aesop Fables, like its origins, religious.

After that, it was the illustration part. I found the illustration works of Aesop Fables over the ages.
And I researched each illustrator I liked the article.
These are some other illustration related to the fables, many of them are unnamed. I really want to ring out who the painter is...


Then, it came to the idea development part, compared to a specific story in the book, I rather draw all of the characters, I tried a simple draft first.

About the workshop on Friday, I did some collage work on my hand-made book, they're quite casual, abstract, just to show the props, weather, and some movement of the characters from the book.

I started to think about how my final looks like, as my main theme is about all the characters, I realised I had to think about the connections between these animals.

My idea was about 'changing', cause these stories from the book include so many elements, I decided to put the characters in the order of:

Season: Spring-Autumn-Winter
Emotion: Happiness-Anger-Sadness
Environment: Mountain-Forest-Sea

And the colour changed each of these, such as Spring matched green, Autumn matched red, Winter matched blue. The emotion matched the same way.

Final Illustrations

I started to draw the final 5 images.

first, the lines work.

2xA3 size: I drew all the animals, live on the ground and in the sea.

3xA4 size: The 3 images represent: 


and the colour I plan is blue-green-yellow-orange-red-pink-purple-blue

So, these are my coloured version.



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