PROJECT: Selling Yourself

This 'selling yourself' project asked us to put ourselves into the illustration system, understand how the art market works.

14 Personally Important
Firstly, made some little drawings about ourselves, ‘personally important' what do I like, What do I afraid, etc.

On the first workshop, we put our drawings on a big A1 paper and were given some object words, to describe each other's works.
Really funny, the descriptions I received are like, artisanal, pop, complex, palette, stylised, harmonious, and many others.
I have to say everyone has different opinions, even though their opinions could be completely opposite.  

Micro Marco Diary

Then, next week's task was MICRO MARCO DIARY, which I didn't quite understand its meaning. Anyway, just started to draw from my daily life.

And it was a really casual record, no special rule in my life. I began to think about how I looks like in others' view. Not only one said, 'a turtle', yep, I agree, cause I am a slow-type person, bovine.

So, a series drawings of sea turtles came up. I chose sea turtle, cause sea turtle can swim really fast in the ocean, not always slow.

more complicated.

then coloured them, with colours it might look not that complicated like before.

another version.

Then, I wanted to have some digital prints with the pendants. So I did more images in Photoshop, just changed its colours, make more kinds.

After finish the image part, I began to make the object. 
As this is a market, not only the prints, I'd better make some physical stuff to sell.

-Laser cutting
I was really attracted by the laser cutting after joining the induction. My idea is to translate my drawings into laser cutting, using acrylic sheets.
It's really taken me tones of time to gather the materials, cause I want each image has its specific colour...
And when I started the laser cutting, I just know how much time it could spend! I thought too easy at the very beginning, it turned out to be a really long process, waiting more than 2 hours to finish the cutting... 

Actually, last year's final project, my tutor Johanna suggested me to use laser cutting of mu drawings. But it was a pity that I didn't make it.

Anyway, it's good to learn a new method of doing artwork. And the outcome looks nice, just a little bit fragile, cause my images have too many details...really careful to hold them.

Then I used the knitting method I learnt from the fabric workshop. as its chain for the pendants.

I spent lots of time to make these 10! 
Besides the acrylic pendants, I also planned to do some digital prints.

After weeks of drawing, buying materials, doing the laser cutting, I really have the sense of achievement and kind of loath to part with my works.

So far, that's all! I know there are some parts it might be better if I used some other ways, but I am quite pleased with them, anyway, it's my first time to try so many other materials and machines about translating my drawings. Actually, I don't want to sell them,  I believe other students think the same thing, we spent so much time and energy on it, no matter how many money can we get, still want to keep it~

After the art market, I still cut some things using the remain materials.
I've really learnt a lot from this project's experience, how an art market works, since the beginning, everyone took part in and did their own job.


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