The last project of rotation is "Editorial" with Luke. It's our first time to draw depend on an article. We had  2 articles to do.

The first article is about Squatters. 

1.Squatters, homeless people and empty buildings---use labyrinth(the road in the drawing) to show how hard if the homeless people want to find a place to live in.

2.Squatters, homeless people and empty buildings---the people in the drawing is the reflection, there is something(maybe a window or glass) obstruct the people, so they cannot touch the buildings.I even try to draw each building on a people's reflection, so it's matching.

The second article is about surfing. 

I did some lines drawing first.
These images are all about waves, how exciting the sport is, and good waves make a good contest, crummy waves make contest unwatchable. 
I try to include 2 opposite scenes in one drawing.

I drew waves shapes from "roller coaster", to show how exciting the sport is, you will never know what will happen next second. And the other point, good waves match happy surfing people, the bad ones make people upset.


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