PROJECT: LBS-London Experience

This term I have spent lots of times in Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, British Museum, etc.
I found it's really a nice way to learn or find information, every time I go there I can see new stuff.

Sketches from 'the clockmakers' collection' exhibition.
These are the drawings from an exhibition in Science Museum, about the clock. 
At the beginning, I just thought those clocks are beautiful and drew them down.

Free drawing related. 
Those are 3 free drawings about the museum as well, nothing special meaning, but just free imagination about the stuff in Science Museum.

London Business School Competition 
Then, I intended to use this theme for the LBS project, it's a project about London experience for London Business School. After having tutorials, I needed to think about how to connect my idea about the museum with LBS, like finance. I find there is an exhibition about currency in British Museum. So, I made some drawings.

I began to draw for the final.
These are the museums, I coloured them in photoshop.

The museums part has already done. My idea was putting the museum and the currency together, it's like 'selling' London. So I was going to do the currency version.

After tutorials, I had made some changes, cause it has too many things, I classified these museums in the order of colours, and made this. 

The another idea I've been thinking was about was 'time', depending on the drawings I did before about the clocks. I thought time was also an be a theme for London experience. Cause time related to everything, and it has an obvious connection with the London Experience or Life.

 First I drew from the previous drawing. The clock part.

After another tutorial listened to some suggestion of tutors. I made some other versions.

Final outcome-Use these museum images to make the Banknote of museums. Really glad that I won 180 pounds of this image~

"Banknote of Museums"
The main idea here is about connecting museums, as one of the cultural symbols of London, to financial and economic districts. This image uses the palette and symbolism of banknotes and the drawings of several famous London museums. The biggest building is a financial building, surrounded by museums.


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