The last project of the second year is '2060' We are asked to think about what the people in 2060 want us to do now to influence the future as designers.

This is the first time our 3 majors worked together. The whole 8 weeks project include many workshops, events related. Basically about society, food, catastrophe.

At the very beginning, I just simply draw something about 'future', really random, abstract drawing without too much thinking, the architecture, people...etc.

3 main workshops
Our group idea is about 'equal', people become more equal in 2060, no matter what your skin colour, nationality, race, age...etc
The plan for the event is: Let our groupmate wear the 'white suit', provide materials of pens, pencils, crayons, oil paintings, coloured paper fabric, balloons. Make the audience draw, shape these 'models' whatever they want to express how they think 'What do people live in 2060 look like' 

It's bad luck that it rained on the event day, but it didn't bother us to continue our activity, we still had lots of fun.
The best part of the event is-interaction, you can never know what happen next second.

My job is wearing this signboard during the event, to draw people's attention, and make the audience understand the meaning better.

The kinds of food will be the lack in the future, people have to think a new method of 'making food', use science techniques.
three main area, meat; grain; fruit

I was doing the fruit part, 2 fruit land together (in a little basin), weeks after, a new kind come out.
It's ashamed that we didn't make it that interactive this time. We should make more 'products'.


To imagine what the disaster will happen in 2060, and what's people's solution towards it.
Our idea is, in 2060, because of the melting of icebergs or glaciers, the sea level rises, many cities with lower altitudes will be flooded by water. As a result of this, people need to move into the sea world to live.

We were going to build an undersea world. I was in charge of the 'architecture' part, our main idea is about how people communicate and live undersea. So I did the 'undersea' palace.

My groupmates work: the mask, to make people breathe under water; and the APP watch, allow people to chat undersea.

Apart from the mask, app, we've also got 'pills'(candies) make people can live undersea better. And a bubble maker, to blow bubbles.

I was really inspired by these workshops, not just display your works, but can let the audience join in the exhibitions.

Multi-functional Buildings
Then, I started to do my own project of 2060 for the final.
I paid more attention to the BUILDINGS, HOUSES, with more functions.

As a continue of our Catastrophe idea, my basic thought of 2060, is about environment problems as well, people has no land to live on anymore, need to find somewhere else to survive.

This time my idea is not only under the sea, but also in the sky. So it's like people live in these 3 spaces, sky, land, sea.
I worked with Novia, in the same background, I was in charge of the buildings area of 2060, how these houses stay in these 3 spaces, she was doing the vehicle part, thinking about design a transportation used in 3 spaces, fly in the sky, run on the land, or swim under the water.

My process of making the buildings. As for the final exhibition, I want to put these buildings on the land, in the sky or undersea, but it's not easy to achieve the sky or sea situation.

Our brief is asking, what would people living in the year 2060 want you to do now in order to influence the future.
So, in terms of my 'moving city', I need to figure out what people do 'Today', as the houses will be 'in the sky, on the land or undersea', the air, land, water resources will be precious in the future.
As a result of that, I design some methods to let people purchase these resources to live in 2060.

Our city's title-'SAL' means, sea, air, and land.

The Space Purchasing Instruction.

give guidance to people about why and how to purchase the Space, the price, etc. with the drawings I did before.
I did some research about the law, principles about how do people purchase land online as the references.

Space Purchasing Application Form
Then once people get to know the instructions, there is an application form, to purchase.

Space License
After purchasing the space successfully, people will receive an ID card like this as a prove, owner to that space, with name, ID number, date and photo on it.

All my works together.

The plan for the show.

 Done! (Although the shelf I made for the show was not very stable)


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