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PROJECT: Fiction

The first project we did in our 2nd year, was 'Fiction', the 'core' work has already begun during the summer, each of us chose a book from the list the tutor provided, my choice was 'Aesop Fables', cause I always interested in the fable stories. So,  I started to draw related to the theme.  Characters: I've drawn many characters from the whole book.(animals) Landscapes: The scene part, I drew the lines first, then scanned these to the computer, coloured them in Photoshop, finally printed them out on tracing paper. I had a trip in Shanxi(a province in China)during the summer, I did some observation drawing on the trip, these  might be useful for the project. Except for the flowers, other pros, like water, stones, fire, etc.     I drew them in a quite random way. I did the watercolour drawing first, then had lines on it. I used the Photoshop to select the lines session, to see the different visual effect