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PROJECT: Selling Yourself

This 'selling yourself' project asked us to put ourselves into the illustration system, understand how the art market works. 14 Personally Important Firstly, made some little drawings about ourselves, ‘personally important' what do I like, What do I afraid, etc. On the first workshop, we put our drawings on a big A1 paper and were given some object words, to describe each other's works. Really funny, the descriptions I received are like, artisanal, pop, complex, palette, stylised, harmonious, and many others. I have to say everyone has different opinions, even though their opinions could be completely opposite.   Micro Marco Diary Then, next week's task was MICRO MARCO DIARY, which I didn't quite understand its meaning. Anyway, just started to draw from my daily life. And it was a really casual record, no special rule in my life. I began to think about how I looks like