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EXTERNAL PROJECT: The story in the forest

I always want to draw for children book, so in this project, I chose the theme of children illustration book. My plan is a children story book. The story is based on a poetry in Chinese, but when I translate it into English, it's no longer a poetry anymore… 森林里的故事 森林住着孔雀仙后  这里安静又祥和  百鸟在枝头飞旋  唱着快乐的歌  美丽的日子啊  一天天流过  突然一天晚上  月亮消失了  闪电劈开一颗大树  落下了一只丑陋的鸟  它抖一抖黑色的羽毛  变成了“孔雀仙后”  飞上枝头,开始鸣叫  森林的鸟儿啊  以为来了它们的仙后  围着它快乐地盘旋  这只假孔雀  突然脸色一变  让百鸟向它跪倒  它呱呱叫着  森林里好吃的美味啊  统统属于我  你们也属于我  把你们的孩子献给我  只有我能让你们飞去天国  日子一天天流过  财宝堆积在劈倒的大树旁  鸟儿们日复一日地送来美食  可依旧填不满它贪婪的胃口  在假孔雀的蛊惑下  一些鸟儿的羽毛渐渐变黑  眼睛变成了乌黑的墨水  它们开始攻击并杀死  其他颜色的小鸟  美丽的日子不再有  善良的小鸟们瑟瑟发抖  仙后听到了它们的哭泣  从山顶飞来  交给了小鸟三样法宝  用平等,和睦与爱的力量  去撕碎这虚伪的蛊惑  鸟儿们把法宝擎到空中  假孔雀变回了丑陋的黑鸟  哀嚎着向西方逃跑  森林恢复了安静与祥和  鸟儿们又开始快乐的唱歌  但是,警惕啊警惕  西方的森林暗流涌动  不要被谎话蒙蔽了眼睛  这个世界充满了阳光  让我们友爱和睦又平等  这首歌不要忘记  让我们友爱和睦又平等  The story in the forest Th

DEGREE SHOW: The Niveous Deer

I began to draw the final drawings, I plan to do 30, and a book cover. First are the drafts, and then I drew the line works. I have 5 chapters of the story, for each chapter has 6 images. I tried my best to tell the story by images because I want the audience can understand the story through my drawings. Finally, I finished the 30 images, almost 2 days for 1 drawing, used digital drawing, photoshop, and next step I need to add script inside the book and think about the layout. Below is the drawing for the book cover, and also for the poster. The Story: Prequel 1. A long time ago, there was a little kingdom, the kingdom was peaceful and harmonious, and it was administrated by a young prince. 2. However, after years and years, the prince witnessed so many births, senilities, illnesses and deaths, that in his opinion, were so very painful. 3. The prince was terrified of death. In order to avoid it, he decided to leave his kingdom a