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PROJECT: Group Publication

Our group's idea about the publication is to explore the use of experience as a tool for learning. the relevance of experience in education. how it stimulates a kid's imagination memory intuition and sense. students:5-7 use of sense  as learning tool 5 main senses: vision auditory smell gustation tactile  I am in the responsibility of drawing. These are my drawings of each organ, represent a sense. Cause we want to make a double side publication, from one side its children's version, another is teacher's. So I drew this for children.

PROJECT: LBS-London Experience

This term I have spent lots of times in Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, British Museum, etc. I found it's really a nice way to learn or find information, every time I go there I can see new stuff. Sketches from 'the clockmakers' collection' exhibition. These are the drawings from an exhibition in Science Museum, about the clock.  At the beginning, I just thought those clocks are beautiful and drew them down. Free drawing related.  Those are 3 free drawings about the museum as well, nothing special meaning, but just free imagination about the stuff in Science Museum. London Business School Competition   Then, I intended to use this theme for the LBS project, it's a project about London experience for London Business School. After having tutorials, I needed to think about how to connect my idea about the museum with LBS, like finance. I find there is an exhibition about currency in British

PROJECT: Competition

This is the last project of the first term, the competition one. We are asked to join a competition from the list. After struggling for time, I picked opera one. The briefing is: The Royal Opera House and AKA, the international entertainment marketing agency, are challenging you to create a campaign that will encourage culturally engaged young people aged 20-30 to experience opera for the first time. You need to show how your idea will work as an advertising campaign – across digital, print, out of home and social media advertising . Actually, I haven't think about this project carefully at the beginning, I picked this only because I'm always interested in things related to music, Opera is one of this type. And I really want to draw something depend on this theme, even though I found the final is quite complicated to complete for an Illustrator (it's kind of like graphic design's field). Anyway, I chose the Opera theme, so, I began to do any ima