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COURSE PROJECT: Play-Learn——History of Money

Beginning The starting project of the 3rd year, I chose 'Play-Learn', the first session of this project was group work. Our group's theme is The History of Money. Our group's main focus on money was ''collage" in the process of making the banknote. So we decided to design an activity that audiences can take part in and have their own experience to learn the banknote collage process.  After a lot of research, we've come up with a basic template, idea for the activity. step 1:  Participants will be given a multiple of objects of "value", maybe sweets wrapped in gold foil/fools gold/other.  step 2:  The Participants then changes these sweets for a blank, currency sized, piece of paper, representing paper money step 3:  They then get to design their own currency by stamping pre-made stamps/linocuts cutouts that we've made, representing how paper money was once made from collage step 4:  The note that they've ma